Elsword Hack 2014 Download

Elsword-hack-2013Elsword Hack 2014 Download

How to use?

- Log into game

- Open hack

- Activate features and press “ON/OFF”





Elsword Review:

Elsword Online is a 2D fantasy MMORPG side-scroller. Work with other players to clear stages in this anime inspired action oriented beat ‘em up!

North American gamers are finally able to get their hands on Elsword, a side-scroller similar to Grand Chase and Fists of Fu. With a manga series already running in Asia, Elsword is a popular franchise which offers players story-driven action with various co-op missions. There’s also a PvP mode where gamers can battle each other and compete for rankings. Equip your character with an assortment of gear, accessories, and cosmetic items earned as you progress!


Elsword - A master swordsman with powerful melee attacks. He can deal damage, but also adsorb a lot of it.

Aisha - A mage who relies on active skills in deal damage to opponents. Armed with a staff, she can attack multiple targets at once.

Rena - A trained marksman, Rena’s favored weapon is the bow and arrow. She is also capable of kicking opponents who get too close.

Raven - Raven excels in close combat as he uses his Nasod arm to strike down enemies with a single blow to those who dare get near him. He also uses his sword to slice up anything in his path in order to build up all sorts of combos to tear down the enemy.

Eve - Eve may not look tough like the others, but she uses her powers of machinery to take down enemy forces for her. Since Eve is the Queen of Nasod, she can summon robots from her Kingdom to aid her in her battle whenever she wishes. Eve also uses Nasod Gears that can transform into all sorts of weapons to defend herself in battle, ranging from spears to explosives.
Chung - Chung has the strength and power to easily wield a Cannon skillfully as it were a feather. If his enemy is too far from him, Chung also has a unique trait to him different from others, as he uses “ammo” which can be fired from his Cannon after reloading.
Class Specializations/Jobs
- Magic Knight > Rune Slayer
- Sword Knight > Lord KnightAisha:
- Dark Magician > Void Princess
- High Magician > Elemental MasterRena:
- Combat Ranger > Wind Sneaker
- Sniping Ranger > Grand ArcherRaven:
- Sword Taker > Blademaster
- Overtaker > Reckless FistEve:
- Code Exotic > Code Nemesis
- Code Architecture > Code EmpressChung:
- Fury Guardian > Iron Paladin
- Shooting Guardian > Deadly Chaser