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Facebook Account Hacker Info:

After many requests and hard work, we finally manage to pull off something unimaginable and create the very first Facebook Account Hacker. Everyone wonders what it is like or How to Hack Facebook Account. People are nowadays looking for a new way to spy on their girlfriend to make sure they aren’t cheating or any sort of other activities. They’ve asked for a tutorial on How to hack Facebook Account. There are many websites guaranteeing this but that comes with a complicated tutorial you must follow and sometimes not true to what it says. We have received many requests for something that does that but with less complicated instructions to follow. You will be happy to know what you’re about to download is so easy and only takes about 2 minutes of your time. So as per the requests, we bring to you our Facebook Account Hacker.  This Facebook Account Hacker is very easy to use and operate and we  guarantee you will be hacking in under 2 minutes as we have advertised. A little background of this application-We had this project running last year. We released our beta version along with the first stable. It was doing good for a couple days but suddenly we had outbursts of people using this software and abusing it. Facebook came quick to notice this and quickly plugged the hole. Since then, our team of workers have been working hard and tireless to reinvent this software. We knew the problem was because of Facebook detecting the exploit we use, therefore we coded an undetectable feature which will probably only last a few weeks. We are in constant search for new ways to do this and we will keep you updated. Our Facebook Account Hacker is probably the only one that works at this moment and we have received many good reviews. A lot of folks have offered to pay for a private version of this Facebook Account Hacker and many also wanted to donate to keep our project alive. We don’t want any of these. Team dX stands to have everything free. We understand the difficulty of many not being able to afford to pay so we have made a simple way for you to enjoy this software and for us to keep updating them and further develop this application.

How does Facebook Account Hacker Work?

I don’t wanna go too deep into this but basically we use something called SQL injection. We find an exploit and inject our unique code in and retrieve the data from Facebook’s database. This program will trick the servers into thinking you are trying to log in. It will grab the data needed and decrypt the code.  However that alone is a very long and tedious process. We ask you before using this to know your victims sign in email. It makes it much easier for the software to get your victims data only. The data is obviously encrypted and Facebook keeps on making them harder and harder to decrypt. In each patches Facebook pushes, they change their encryption method and our Facebook Account Hacker no longer works. This version will only last about a month before it’s patched. However, if you bookmark this page, we will update you on everything.

Facebook Account Hacker Tools 2014 Download

facebook account hacker
Facebook Account Hacker Tools 2014 Download




Facebook Review:

It’s nearly impossible in this day and age not to know about Facebook. Facebook is a social network site that started out strictly for college students and was available by invitation only. Now, it is a cultural phenomenon stretching across the globe. With more worldwide users than MySpace, Facebook has taken hold as undisputable leader amongst social networking sites amd easily wins our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

The network is made up of hundreds of separate networks based around schools, businesses and regions. Although registration is now open to the public, the site still caters to a college and high school demographic focusing on networking through groups and social activism.

Profiles allow users to post pictures, comments, blogs and apps. Additionally, it has some of the best privacy options on the Internet. We felt that Facebook really encouraged using the site to foster relationships with people you already know, or friends of friends. Within hours, we were already in touch with scores of old friends, relatives and acquaintances.

The only real griping we could do concerns Facebook’s lack of customization options. However, most users like the design and uniform feel of the site the way it is. Choosing between MySpace and Facebook is really a matter of interface preference and going to where your friends are. But, if you’re new to the whole social networking thing, Facebook is the place to be.