Nostale Hack 2014 Download


Nostale Hack 2014 Download

NoDelay Patch
Akt4Info Patch
EagleEyes Patch
Minimap Hack

How to use?

- Log into game

- Open hack

- Activate features





Nostale Review:

NosTale is a  2D anime styled fantasy MMORPG by the Korean developer Entwell. In NosTale, players can catch and train various pets, decorate their homes and complete long story driven quest lines known as Acts. While NosTale only has 3 initial classes, an interesting card based class system is available with over 15 possibilities for higher level characters.

NosTale which stands for ‘The Tale of Nomads of Silver Spirit’ is a 2D  MMORPG with very basic gameplay. The game has limited character appearance options and only three classes from which players can chose from upon attaining level 15. Each of the three classes can further specialize using ‘specialist cards.’ Below is a brief description of the three classes and currently available specialist cards:

Swordsman - Close combat specialist with the highest health of the three classes.

1. Warrior - Supportive specialization that excels at AoE and debuffing enemies.
2. Blade - Swift sword strikes make the Blade very powerful in PvP.
3. Crusader - Crusaders possess powerful buffs and are proficient in the use of cross bows.
4. Berserker - Proficient in pole arms, Berserkers deal devastating blows to single targets.

Archers - Ranged combat class with high agility and accuracy.

1. Ranger - Great solo class and heavy ranged damage dealer.
2. Assassin - Assassins use daggers and can tumble to deflect attacks, potent PvP class.
3. Destroyer - Wields guns and uses traps to clean multiple mobs at once.
4. Wild Keeper - Uses boomerang and specialize in Area of Effect spells and buffing team mates.

Sorcerers - The spellcasters of NosTale, they have low HP but possess powerful offensive and supportive spells.

1. Red Mage - Fire specialists with high damage AoE spells.
2. Holy Mage - Supportive caster with healing and buffing spells.
3. Blue Mage - Blue Mages have multiple freezing / blackout spells along with AoE moves.
4. Dark Gunner - Specializes in DoT (damage over time) spells and debuffs.

In addition, there are three cards available to all classes:

Pajama - Obtained from the Pajama Fairy. Usable after job level 10.
Chicken - Rewarded for completing the Chicken Raid.
JajaMaru - Fire based specialization available to all classes.