War Thunder Hack 2014 Download


War Thunder Hack 2014 Download


- Speed Hack

- AimBot

- Invisibility Hack

- One Shot Kill

- Indestructibility (GodMode)

- No Reload

- Undetectable

- AutoUpdates

How to use?

- Open game

- Open hack

- Add/Activate in-game features and press “Start Hack”


Note: When a new version it’s available a pop-up will show to you everytime you open the hack.


War Thunder Review:


The clouds part, and for the first time you can see your target across the horizon. The enemy fighters are aimed right at you and your allies. Your mission is to take out the enemy aircraft and clear a path for your bombers to do their work. It’s you vs. them. Who will be victorious?

War Thunder is a free to play massively multiplayer online flight combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation. It is being developed by Gaijin Entertainment and is currently in open beta testing. Ground combat (tanks) and Naval combat (warships) are also being developed for the game, but are not currently available.


It’s easy to see very quickly upon logging into War Thunder why so many people enjoy this game, and why there are throngs of fans who prefer War Thunder over its competitors in the MMO war simulation market.

War Thunder brings many great aspects of competitive online play together in a World War II war simulation that finds the perfect median between simulation and fun gameplay. If the aerial combat portion of this game is any indication, the ground and naval combat should be spectacular when we finally see them, and when it all comes together it is sure to be a massive amount of mayhem and fun.

From the game’s lobby, you can switch between factions, spend XP to unlock new aircraft, train your flight crews, and upgrade and customize your planes. XP for each faction (which country’s planes you choose to fly) is earned individually, and each plane in that country’s hanger has a flight crew which each earn XP individually as you fly each plane in combat. You can assign your flight crew to new aircraft for a small retraining fee, and all XP they have earned and spent will stay with them as they take to the skies in their new plane.

By default you will fly your planes in combat by pointing your mouse in the direction you want to go and using the keyboard to control the plane’s flaps, pitch left and right, as well as control the view you play in. There is a standard third-person view, a bombing view, an in-cockpit view, and a first-person view. Some game modes restrict the viewing options, and of course bombing view is only for bombers.

Although this control set up can feel a little odd at first, and you can set it up to use a controller, I’ve learned to use and now prefer the default controls using the mouse and keyboard. Sure, if you’re not into the game it can feel a bit like a point-and-click, but once you’re diving, rolling, and shooting down enemies, you sink more into the actual gameplay and that point-and-click feeling falls into the background as it becomes all about taking out that next red dot on your minimap while you dodge bullets from behind.

Arcade Mode is the “jump right in and shoot down some enemies mode”, and as you unlock multiple planes and flight crews, you will be able to fly more planes in each battle. If one of your planes goes down in combat, within seconds you will be back in the skies continuing to help your team take out enemies and ground objectives in order to achieve victory.

You don’t have to land to repair or reload in Arcade mode. Reloading takes place after a short time delay upon emptying your guns, and teams can be made up of players flying planes from different nations. When you’re ready to jump in and see your first combat, Arcade mode is where you will begin, and it’s a shoot ‘em up good time.

Historical Mode takes War Thunder to the next level, with a little more realism mixed in. Players will need to master take offs and landings as you must return to a friendly airstrip in order to reload and repair between runs. Each team must be made up of historical WWII allies, and historical maps are used to recreate some memorable battles. Realistic bullet trajectory and gun convergence coupled with the lack of an aim assist require much more skill from the player in order to take down the enemies. For those looking for a more serious gameplay experience, Historical mode will take you into World War II era battles where each mistake you make could be your last.

If you want to go all “super hardcore mode”, then Full-Real will put you into the cockpit of your plane, with no other view available. Scratch your WWII war plane simulator itch while flying in combat against lots of other players in War Thunder’s all-out attempt to put you in the seat of a WWII fighter pilot.


While the textures on the planes themselves do not feel as sharp to me as they do in that “other” WWII aerial combat game, the maps are much more impressive. Large open plains and lakes fold into rolling hills and large mountains which can play a part in your aerial strategy. The planes themselves are still nicely detailed and are visually distinguishable while in combat, so a pilot with a sharp eye can tell if he’s going up against a quick and nimble fighter, or a heavy hitting enemy who will bring the pain.

Some in-combat UI elements could use a bit of work in my opinion, but the information you need is available for you at all times, even if it is sort of dull visually. Some UI upgrades could very well be coming in the future, but I wouldn’t let me saying that they are somewhat lackluster deter you from playing War Thunder, because that’s just one of those “opinion” things some folks like to get so worked up about.

Don’t take anything here as me saying this game is ugly, because it most certainly is not. War Thunder is a great looking game that will have you feeling as if you are flying through the skies.


So far during open beta I have not encountered any serious problems with the War Thunder game client, and the game runs as smooth as butter on my machine with all the settings cranked up. Honestly, I always expect to run into server lag, especially early on in the beta testing process of a new game, but so far I have been nothing but impressed with the performance of the servers and the client.

Cash Shop

War Thunder manages to not be cash shop heavy, and there is never an overwhelming feeling of needing to go to the cash shop for anything unless you’ve got your eye on a particular decal you can’t live without.

The currency you earn by playing the game mixed with XP can unlock the majority of planes in the game, although there are a few cash shop only planes available with each faction. As of right now I don’t get the sense that I’m severely handicapped by not purchasing these planes, but I will definitely be keeping a close eye on the power of these purchasable planes as I get further into the game and into higher tiers of planes.

There are Packs for sale on the official site which will unlock several airplanes across multiple factions instantly, but this is primarily a time saver, and playing the game to earn XP and the free in-game currency will give you plenty of planes to fly with a little patience.


Unless flying World War II era warplanes just isn’t your thing, you should just go ahead and start downloading War Thunder now. It is a truly fun competitive experience which is even better when played with friends.

War Thunder is still in open beta testing, and the developers are working on adding tanks for ground combat and warships for naval combat, and in the end each battle will one day be a massive fight over land, sea, and air for dominance, so even if you don’t care too much for planes, there may be something coming down the pipeline for you.

The best recommendation I can give for War Thunder is to tell you that is stays on my machine while so many games come and go as they get reviewed. My friends and I enjoy jumping in and running a few battles several nights a week. Just do yourself a favor and click that link below to start playing War Thunder for FREE!!