WolfTeam Hack 2014 Download

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WolfTeam Hack 2014 Download


  • Weapon : Can Choose All Weapon You Want {Real Not Tut }
  • Wolfs : You Can Choose One Of The Best Wolf In Game
  • CrossHair : Change Cross Hair To 9999 One Of The Best Cross
  • Name ESP : Can see Ename Name And Health
  • ReBase : You Can Return To Base And Re Chosse Weapon And Re Health
  • 3d Person : Can see Your Self Like Wolf Look F3
  • No Fall Damge : When you Fall Down Your Health Not Damge
  • Combo x99 : When You Kill Some One You GEt 99 Combo and Get + WP
  • Inf Wolf Boll : Can Make Inf Wolf Boll And Not Need To Reload
  • GameSpeed X2 : Game Speed x2 Only You
  • Wolfs skill : Wolf Dash Skill
  • Rank : Change your Sign Rank
  • Wolf View 1.0: Wolfs Look See Your Wolf At 1.0
  • Wolf View 1.7: Wolfs Look See Your Wolf At 1.7
  • Wolf View 2.0: Wolfs Look See Your Wolf At 2.0
  • - 100% Undetectable, Guarandeed!

SEE VIDEO for How To Use:

[jwplayer mediaid="4343"]


Note: Update hack frequently by pressing “Check Updates”

WolfTeam Online Review:

Wolfteam is a unique 3D MMOFPS by Softnyx that’s truly one of the most polished shooters out there.  The most unique aspect of the game is that players can switch between playing as a ‘Marine’ in first person, and as a ‘Wolf’ in third person at any time with the click of a button.  Marines have low hit points, but are effective at dealing damage from a distance, while wolves have a large pool of hit-points, but no ranged attacks.  The game is fast-paced, balanced, and truly one of the best MMOFPS games out there.

Wolfteam is an innovative MMO shooter by Softnyx that truly spices up the genre.  Players can transform from marines to melee-oriented wolves at any time with the click of a button.  This unique gameplay element alone adds a great deal of strategy to the game, and also adds some variety to a genre that’s well known for imitation and lack of creativity.  The game has a whopping thirty-five different ‘primary weapons’, and a fair array of ‘secondary’ and ‘misc’ weapons for players to use, which makes Wolfteam one of the most varied MMOFPS games out there.


  • Fast-paced FPS action for up to 16 players at a time!
  • A large assortment of modern weaponry
  • Transform into a werewolf for up-close combat
  • 15 different maps in a variety of different shapes and sizes
  • 7 exciting game modes including Death Match, Destruction, and Conquest


OS: Windows 98 / XP / Vista
CPU: 1.4 GhZ Pentium 4
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 400MB or More
Graphics Card: GeForce 5700
DirectX: 9.0c

Website: Wolf team